We have been growing product-based businesses Globally for over a decade.

We have been growing product-based businesses across the USA, UK & Europe for over a decade, working with everything from A-brands to Unknown brands.

We will Start by targeting

a single ideal customer,

and then expand

in concentric circles

like the diagram here >>>

We will Target

large numbers of

ideal customers

with sniper-focus

Your all-in-one B2B Sales Team

We have been increasing B2B Product Sales Globally for over a decade

I have worked with James for many years. They say that a person cannot be good at both sales and marketing, and James is living proof that this is not true. I have seen him both create & close high ticket software opportunities all the way to demonstrating in depth the psychology needed to apply to a marketing funnel. James is a master at his craft and I have enjoyed watching him develop over the years.


Avi Mistry


Cristie Data - An Iomart Company

I have never seen anybody build, deploy and manage a sales funnel in the way that James does. James is one of the most talented and experienced sales and marketing professionals that I have come across in my 30-year career. This month, Product Profits has generated €650,000 in sales and this should not go unnoticed.



Chris Georgatos


Plexian Europe

James was engaging and creative and helped drive us to a new level. He brought a host of experience and talent to our time together. James is truly a next-generation marketer and I look forward to our next collaboration together.


Glen Torregiani



I had the pleasure of managing James Ashley during his time at CCS Media. Over a 12 month period, James was the highest performing member of my team, and never failed to hit either a monthly or a quarterly sales target. James is tenacious, very proactive and a dynamic presence on any sales floor. I’d hire him again in a second.


Stacey Swift


CCS Media

James brings creativity and fresh ideas to the field of marketing. He works hard and pursue new clients with passion and enthusiasm. James is aware of trends in the industry and with confidence tests and refines, those that they believe are likely to yield results. James also has the ability unlike most marketers to create opportunities and close business as a salesperson. This gives him a unique perspective to new business development.


Larry Kaul


Kaul Sales Partners

Personally and professionally, I cannot recommend James and his company enough. We incorporated James to help us with our new product marketing launch. James, and the campaign have exceeded our expectations. So much so that we have gladly renewed our commitment to them and are involving them on a more long term and deeper partnership. 5 Stars!


Dustin Phillips



If Your at £0,

I will get you to £100k

If Your at £100k,

I will get you to £1M

If Your at £1M,

I will get you to £10M

This is for you if....

  • You sell physical Products B2B.

  • Perhaps your looking to expand your retail, Ecom, wholesale, enterprise, or SME account base.

  • You know who your ideal customer is

  • You have some sales already, but you're looking for a system that can provide the traction you need to grow faster.

  • Your doing around $300k - $3m in Product sales, and you want to add an extra $2m - $5m per pear.

  • You get satisfaction out of collaborating with experts in their field

You can increase your physical product sales

if you have:

1) well-written customer outreach messaging

2) Niche Specific Sales Funnels

3) Sales Assets that Actually benefit the customer

No-one is teaching this

to b2B Product Companies, Except us...

Who Am I, And How Do I know this?

My journey is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and relentless determination in the realm of sales. Over the past 14 years, I've navigated the intricate landscape of selling millions of products, collaborating closely with manufacturers, distributors, and resellers to drive unprecedented growth. From my humble beginnings as a healthcare recruitment entrepreneur to my pivotal role in the tech industry, I've cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in forging successful partnerships. Through strategic alliances with industry giants like Microsoft, Dell, and Adobe, I've consistently delivered multi-million-dollar revenue streams, leveraging my expertise to unlock new opportunities and maximize profitability. With a keen eye for market trends and a proven track record of surpassing sales targets, I'm poised to continue driving exponential growth for businesses seeking to dominate their respective markets. Let's embark on this journey together and transform your vision into a thriving reality.

Step 1 - Isolate Your Niche(s) And Focus Your Resources

You have got to niche down.

You have got to produce laser targeted messaging for a laser targeted group of people.

A lot of Product-based companies make the mistake of targeting everyone, and It can very expensive to market to a broad group of people.

Your buyer needs to go through a journey that is specifically tailored to the problems or goals that they have.

Your marketing message in you're outreach messaging needs to resonate with your target market on an individual and personal level.

Figure A demonstrating a 1% lead to conversion rate from general targeting

In Figure A you can see companies who use general targeting often see a lead rate of only 1% because their messaging resonates with fewer people. The marketing message is watered down by a lack of specificity and as a result general targeting is more expensive.

You can see how this creates a considerably low ROI rate of only 3% with a negative cash flow of -17% (based on a £4k initial gross contribution). This is why companies with high ticket offers who hire SDRs using general targeting struggle to gain traction

Figure B demonstrating a 3% lead to conversion rate from niche targeting

Figure B above demonstrating companies who laser target their niches can expect a lead rate of 3%. In some cases, when there is an extremely high market-message resonance, the lead rate can climb up to 15% +.

The new result is that SDR ROI is increased to 157% with a payback period of 2 weeks! This is based on collecting £4k upfront! By simple niching down you can expect to generate a minimum 52X on your SDR investment.

Step 2 - Build Yor Sales Funnels and Sales Assets

Specifically For your target-market

Once you pick your niche then you need to write your foundational sales copy and build your high-converting assets/funnel. The foundational copy is the core framework to your success.

All messaging, written or spoken in your business will derive from the foundational copy. The foundational copy will echo through your sales page, sales scripts, sales deck, sales assets, sales letters, email copy, all communication verbal or written.

The sales assets will be what "peaks" your prospects interest and gets them to reply to you. Once your sales assets/brochures have been built using our proprietary copywriting formulas, then you will need to test it on 100 prospects. You should be aiming for a 10%-30% reply rate from your cold emails and follow ups.

If you can’t do this, you will need to go back and fix your funnel, or your message or niche. Once you are able to generate benchmark reply rates,

Figure C demonstrating a 40% discovery to demo rate from general targeting

As you can see here in Figure C, a >40% conversion rate from qualification to demo can be expected without using a VSL.

Companies who do not use VSLs or webinar funnels experience lower qualified lead rates, and also lower close rates.

Figure D Demonstrating 72% open rate from email marketing and a high response rate from linkedin outreach

As you can see here in Figure D, from highly targeted outreach driving traffic to a VSL, a 72% open rate was achieved along with a 4% response rate from E1 and a 7% response rate from the follow up email.

Companies who niche down, drive traffic to VSLs or webinars can experience much higher qualification rates and also higher closed rates.

Step 3 - Scale Up Lead Gen and Sales

Using Paid Traffic Retargeting Funnel and A Sales Team

You should scale with paid traffic once you have validated your funnel and tested it organically first.

The combination of these steps will validate your funnel while maintaining profitability.

You should begin scaling your sales team once you have closed 10+ new customers, and recorded the demos, and have nailed down your sales process, so your SDRs can emulate a process that already works.

Figure E Demonstrating cash flow based from different traffic sources

Here you can see in figure E how organic prospecting was used first, and then scaled using paid traffic.

Most companies make the mistake of diving straight into paid traffic, and this is not something we recommend (unless you are prepared to burn a few thousand while you figure things out and fix the leaks).

Figure F Demonstrating a successful paid ad campaign

Here you can see in figure F a successful facebook ad campaign.

This campaign was only deployed after the funnel was validated through outbound prospecting with confirmed market resonance, and closed deals.

So now you have two options...

Option 1

  • Hire a digital marketing agency who probably are generalists and don't understand much about product sales.
  • Hire a lead generation firm to spam your target market with ineffective messaging. Most lead generation firms are glorified sales navigator users.
  • Hire a Head of Sales and a Head of marketing and hope they get along (£100,000 - £200,000 per year).
  • Continue trying to "figure things out on your own" which will waste you lots and time of money.

Option 1

  • Shortcut your success by working With James at Product Profits who will execute a step by step blueprint on growing your B2B Product company while leaving no detail forgotten. By working with James + team, the only people you will need to hire will be account managers to handle all of the incoming business.

Again this is for B2B product based companies Who...

  • Your sell physical products B2B into outlets such as wholesale, contractors, ecommerce, retail, or end users and you're looking to rapidly expand your sales in 2024.
  • You're worried about hiring a general marketing firm because of bad experiences in the past with "service providers"
  • £0 < You have learned that most marketing agencies and service providers are generalists and your suspicious of anyone without any expertise in your unique space. < MRR
  • Maybe you have tried email marketing but your open rates were poor and did not yield results
  • Maybe you have tried LinkedIn outreach but struggle to get a consistent flow of new customers
  • Maybe you're just looking for an all-in-one sales & marketing solution that can integrate with your team seamlessly.

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